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Le Moulin Du Ru

Our cycling and / or biker friends will be able to benefit of a garage to store their motorcycles or bike for the night.

You come from the four corners of France, and sometimes even more distant countries. 

If, AULNOY appears as the geographical link between the North and the Poitou-Charentes region, it is still more than 2000 years that all Europe passes through the
Moulin du Rû.

Indeed the property of Mr and Mrs FERRANDON, is located on the great Roman road: the Via Agrippa, this great road which already allowed to unite Italy to Gaulle, and to connect Rome to Boulogne sur Mer via Aulnoy, this Great Roman road built at the time when Italy was already beating us, this strategic route for the Roman Empire where the military came to drink.

The Moulin du Rû à la Roche remains a high place in the history of Brie. From the Duchess of Longueville to the FERRANDON family, this mill has always belonged to the notables of the region. This place is often quoted in history books.

We stopped at la Roche to drink the horses at the time when travelers were riding on horseback. Wheat was brought here to grind flour at a time when millers sold their
flour. In this place steeped in history, the stories reflect a sweet lifestyle. The Moulin du Rû à la Roche is a place where all Europe has come to drink and continues to do today.

You have decided to make a stopover of a week or a few days in Aulnoy, you will count among the Alnésiens and the Alnésiennes who have the sense of the hospitality.  You will not forget your passage and meeting in this high places of Brie.

Welcome to you dear travelers

The FERRANDON family

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